Paul Cardall

Hi there!! Not quite sure if you'll remember me but hey I'll give it a shot. We were on Student council together at SLCC many many years ago!!! haha... I remember I rode with you to the Hogle Zoo one day when we were taking homeless kids to the zoo. Do you remember? hehe.. Well, I thought I would send a message to let you know that your music continues to be an inspiration in our household just like it did so many years ago as we would sit and listen to you play at SLCC and at the Homestead in Midway Utah during our SLCC government retreats!! So awesome to see how far you gone!! I actually have a 12 year old son that adores you and the PIano Guys! Lucky me, he plays the piano and I thought you'd like to know he is currently practicing one of your downloadable piano pieces (All creatures of our God and King) for sacrament!! Thanks for being such an inspiration!! You are awesome!!

Paul Cardall responded on 04/14/2018

The good ole days of SLCC. It was a great experience and I think we have a lot of fun. IT's amazing how much time has passed. I also have a 12 year old. Pretty wild. Tell your son to keep it up and that I said hello.

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