Paul Cardall

I want to thank you for the help your music and the story of your life has helped me. my sister was born the same year you were with a heart defect, she died in 3 days. When I found out we are 2nd cousins, I struggled for awhile especially since my children were learning "One by One" for a program. I could not see why God left you but took her. I prayed a lot and I watched\listened to your Life and Death, and Gracie's Theme, peace and trust in God, followed. Your music is a comfort and blessing to many, I am grateful you are still here.

Paul Cardall responded on 04/14/2018

God bless you. No matter where we are -- on this side or in heaven, God has a plan for each of us. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I sometimes wonder why I'm still here as well, but grateful God has allowed me to be here.

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