Paul Cardall

this is not a question, just a response back to you about where I worship. I am
a born again Christian and I worship at a pentecostal church in N.C. My wife and I love your music, we think it is very anointed and love the way you are using the talent that God has given you. My mother just passed in early July, and I used one of your songs at the funeral for the peace it brings(I did purchase it first of course). Still would love to find out about any upcoming concerts that you may be holding in the future.


Richard Whiteside

Paul Cardall responded on 10/16/2017

Richard, I am humbled and grateful for God's power in your life. I'm sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Only Jesus understands your heart-ache because each relationship is unique and special. I don't perform as often as my time permits, but when I do we post it on my website. I try to play in a variety of churches and grateful knowing you understand who my music comes from. Jesus has been very gracious with gifts. I'm grateful mine is part of your life. Warm regards, Paul Cardall

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