Paul Cardall

Paul, you have some Great Talent. I have seen so many people in my life try to show what "THEY" think and feel. You do it well and have a True Gift and Talent.
I will do ANYTING I can to let others know about your talent. If I can volunteer and assist you by anything, I will. I never make this offer, but I am doing so for you to show you that I SEE YOUR TALENT and want EVERYONE else to know about it.
I so hope that this is not by any way an interruption to you or anyone that sees this, but if needed, I will help.
To show you that I am not a goofy fan, here is my LinkedIn address and it will show you I am just wanting to help out, not be in the way, but help US get where we can go.
I thank you or staff that will read this. I am attaching my LinkedIn address so that you can see my profile and know that I am not trying to get in the way, by any means.
Email me if you would like:
or call / text me at: (303) 204 - 9315

Be well.

Paul Cardall responded on 05/01/2017

Thank you for very much Jonathan for being a fan and for supporting my music. It really means a lot to me and my family. Have you ever thought about organizing a concert in a venue or church in your city? Occasionally, when I find extremely passionate people like yourself, they have worked with a couple other people in their community and brought me out for a large church event (i.e. Multi-Stake/Mission Fireside or Non-Denominational Mega Church event) If this is something you'd be interested in doing email my assistant and she'll send you the details.

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