Paul Cardall

Dear Paul, I want to write you a long letter sharing with you my ad thoughts and observations about you and your music and your life journey. It's in my heart to share it with you. I never heard of you until the church showed Elder Bednar and you ad details of ONE BY ONE. Now I can't get enough of your music. I am 68 and been a member since I was 20... my e-mail is marieey @ Tell me the best way to get my thoughts to you privately for you to read. I also plan to write a story for the Ensign which is about how I used my cell phone and YouTube to get thru all the presurgery procedures and calm my FEARS. I focused totally on the One By One until I was put to sleep. It will be worth your time to know what I have felt about your music, especially One By One.... Love, Sister Marie Young

Paul Cardall responded on 10/16/2017

Thank you for discovering my music. you are welcome to email me,

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