Paul Cardall

I was just looking for aswers so I remembered you have a Websit so I was wondering if God loved me then why would he take our mother away it was hard already seeing her in her manic stage then he takes her away and now my sister won't even remember her I was only 9 and here 11. My sister was only 4 and now 6. I stay up wondering what did I do to deserve this.

Paul Cardall responded on 02/08/2016

Hello and thank you for sharing this with me and opening up regarding something so personal. I am very sorry for your loss, it is not easy to lose someone. I'm not exactly sure how you feel. I lost my brother and several friends. The only thing that gives me comfort is my faith. I believe in life after death and that families will be reunited. I also believe your mother is free from her challenges and on the other side cheering both you and your sister on. If you want to know more about my faith you can visit my blog: I hope this helps! God bless you...

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