Paul Cardall

Hi Paul, no question, just wanted to say I am so glad I found you! I was listening to Pandora and your music from "Songs of Praise:, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" came on. It was truly a blessing to me. Then when I read your story, I was touched again. My son was also born with a congenital heart defect. He's doing well physically, though I am concerned about him emotionally, especially his self confidence. I will be excited to share your story with him. So inspiring! Thank you! Continued blessings to you! Christine

Paul Cardall responded on 12/26/2015

Hi Christine, Thank you for your message and for listening to my music. I am so happy your son is doing well. I have such love and respect for my own mother who took such good care of me. However, she treated me no different than my other brothers and sisters, which I believe helped shape my emotional stability. He will feel different if he is treated different - but, if he is treated with a sense of normality (which is hard to do at times) - he will thrive. God bless you and your family! -Paul

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