Paul Cardall

Dude... (here I am 54 and I just called YOU dude... sorry) ...Paul, my kids are asking me to record my piano renditions, mostly hymns and such. On a side note, listening to you on Pandora just a year ago in my shop inspired me... and my wife getting our old piano tuned. Your song stopped me in my tracks. I listened intently and RAN for the house. In a few minutes I had it down pat and I scared myself. Ever since, I can't stop playing. I also can't read music. But, to tell the truth, recording something just doesn't seem possible and scares me to death. Almost paralyzing. I don't see how anyone like me could ever afford or even get into a studio for that matter. My arrangements are quite like your style, so I simply listen to you and pretend... When I play a rendition I can vividly hear a violin or a small string quartet backing me up and MAN... it's amazing what the mind can dream! Thank you Paul. From and old Rocker turned new age hymnal-ist... something. - Orrin Howard, Ogden UT

Paul Cardall responded on 12/16/2015

Hi Orrin, Thank you for your message and sharing your story with me. Playing the piano is a lot of fun, as you know, and it's also very therapeutic. It's also a great hobby to have. I'm glad it's bringing you and your family some happiness. I really appreciate you reaching out to me. I'm glad my music has touched your life. Thank you for listening to it. I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas! -Paul

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