Paul Cardall

Sorry to lay my problems on you. My psychiatrist just gave me your name and "Letting Go" on a piece of paper. I assumed (uh-oh) that it was a book title. I will listen to your music. Would you allow me to write some lyrics and submit them to you? I can read music but not write the tunes. I love to sing and do it for weddings. My therapy is writing lyrics to instrumental songs.
Have a Merry Christmas, Paul.

Paul Cardall responded on 12/28/2014

Merry Christmas. Writing lyrics can be very healing. You are welcome to submit them so that I can enjoy what you have to say. However, because the music is already recorded and published, I probably will not add a singer to that song anytime soon. Nonetheless, hope you continue to get the help you need from your psychiatrist. Sounds like they have great taste in music :) God Bless!

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