Paul Cardall

Hi Paul,
I would be very interested in speaking with you if it were possible. I too share a similar talent and have lived many years trying to recover from a chemical gas accident. I've had 2 pretty good years and now have a minor setback. I've been recording my muses throughout the year and wonder if you'd be so kind to lend a thought or two on how to transition into getting more music gigs since getting started doesn't pay any bills. Are there avenues or venues you'd recommend?
My music is similar to yours in that I play improv and it comes across as very healing and peaceful.

Paul Cardall responded on 07/30/2014

Hi Cynthia! You've asked some really great questions. Unfortunately, I don't play many gigs and can't give you expert advise. Sorry :-( I recommend you read, "All you need to know about the music business", by Donald S. Passman. It's a great book. I highly recommend it and know you'll learn tons from it. All the best and good luck! Paul

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