Paul Cardall

In 2009, as you were receiving a heart transplant, I was beginning kidney dialysis and the long wait for a transplant. Because of the generosity of my husband who offered to be a living donor to anyone, I received a kidney transplant due to the kindness of another living donor. I would like to organize a large fund raiser for those in need of a transplant, but don't know how to get started. Do you or your staff have any tips? Or is there any possibility that in the future you would consider allowing me to attach to one of your fund raisers, to either to assist/learn or work together. I am intensely creative & passionate about saving lives, supporting people who need a listening ear or an advocate. In addition to a BA/Theater-Cinema, my work/volunteer experience includes many large scale productions.
Thanks for your consideration.
Diane Gelwix Somers

Where are tickets for your Chicago concert available?

Paul Cardall responded on 07/26/2014

Thank you for your message. I'm so happy to hear about your miracle. And what a great gift to receive. I think about my donor everyday. To honor him, I try to live a good life and give back like you. The best opportunities are always involving your local organ donation chapter. I would get in touch with them and let them know you'd like to volunteer. The door opens there. God bless! Paul Cardall

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