Paul Cardall

I am captivated by your music and it is so healing. I was constantly drawn to your music not knowing about your heart . I have experienced tremendous fear concerning my heart but through your music I kept feeling calmer. Again, I had no idea what you had been through until this week. Now, I feel strongly God was connecting me to you in order to give me strength and help my fears. I will be going back in a few weeks for more heart procedures and I can face them with more courage because of you and your sweet, sweet music. Thank you so much and many continued blessings!!! Will you ever perform in Alabama?

Paul Cardall responded on 08/15/2013

Music is powerful. It really does have the power to help us heal. Thank you for letting my music be a tool for the Lord to speak to your soul. I am grateful you shared this with me. Continue joy & happiness. And maybe someday I'll get out to Alabama.

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